Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's Official: I Moved to Posterous!

On August 13, 2009 I posted that I would be trying out Posterous to see if I wanted to switch. Well the answer is yes, Yes and YES!

So in order to do my part to keep the internet neat and tidy I will leave this blog up but I will no longer send what I am posting on Posterous to this site. No one needs duplicate content scattered all over the internet.

If you want to see what I am up to please pop on over to my personal blog or my business blog!

See you in the funny papers!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Firms still invest in social media - 94% plan to maintain or increase investment

Despite the recession, most companies are continuing to invest in social media tools and online communities, according to a new survey by Deloitte, Beeline Labs and the Society for New Communications Research.

The second annual survey of companies sponsoring online communities showed 94 percent of respondents plan to maintain or increase investment in their communities, while only 6 percent plan to decrease investment.

However, while businesses are using these tools to interact with customers, partners and employees, the survey also indicates that organizations continue to struggle with how to harness social media’s full potential.

Of the companies surveyed, a majority agreed that increasing word-of-mouth (38 percent), customer loyalty (34 percent) and brand awareness (30 percent) continue to be the top business objectives of online communities, followed by idea generation (29 percent) and improved customer support quality (23 percent).

The biggest obstacles to creating a successful community include getting people to join (24 percent), stay engaged (30 percent) and keep returning (21 percent).

The survey measured the responses of more than 400 companies, including Fortune 100 organizations, which have created and maintain online communities. The communities ranged from fewer than 100 members to more than 1 million members.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New #1 in SEC Power Rankings - Who Took Top Spot?

SEC power rankings

October 5, 2009 8:00 AM

Posted by's Chris Low

There wasn’t a lot of shakeup in the SEC power rankings this week, although Auburn continues its steady climb. Three teams in the Western Division remain unbeaten -- Alabama, Auburn and LSU. Here’s a look at the updated rankings:

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High Court orders writ to be served via Twitter | Technology | Reuters

By Matthew Jones LONDON (Reuters) - The High Court ordered its first injunction via Twitter on Thursday, saying the social website and micro-blogging service was the best way to reach an anonymous Tweeter who had been impersonating someone. Solicitors Griffin Law sought the injunction against the micro-blog page arguing it was impersonating right-wing blogger Donal Blaney, the owner of Griffin Law. The legal first could have widespread implications for the blogosphere. "I think this is a landmark decision to issue a writ via Twitter," said Dr Konstantinos Komaitis of Strathclyde University's law faculty. "You are creating a precedent that people will be able to refer to. It only takes one litigant to open the path for others to follow," Komaitis, a lecturer in IT and Telecommunications told Reuters. "The law tends to be quite cumbersome and slow, so to have a court deliberate on something like Twitter -- so hot, so relevant -- it shows quite impressive engagement. Andre Walker at Griffin Law said the anonymous Tweeter targeted by the writ will get a message from the High Court the next time they open their online account. "Whoever they are, they will be told to stop posting, to remove previous posts and to identify themselves to the High Court via a web link form," he said. Matthew Richardson, the barrister who won the injunction, said the ruling was a huge step forward in preventing anonymous abuse of the Internet. Continued...


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